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Workforce Housing Bills Up for Second Reading

A package of bills that would create a new act, the Attainable Housing Facilities Act, to allow a municipality to establish one or more attainable housing districts whereby rental property owners in those districts could receive a tax abatement on property if certain requirements are met. In lieu of paying the standard ad valorem property taxes, the owner would instead pay a specific “attainable housing facilities tax.” The new tax would be roughly half of the current non-homestead rate. The amount of rent that could be charged would be limited under the plan and the property would have to be marketed to households with an income of 120% or less of the county median income. The program is voluntary. Since the program is voluntary and the RPOA of Michigan (RPOA-M) believes that additional tools for providing affordable housing in some communities is necessary, the RPOA-M is supporting the package of bills.



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