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Governmental Affairs Update: July 6, 2023

Executive Director's Report Summary


The Legislature finished the FY 23/24 budget on June 28th. This budget is the largest in the state’s history at $81.7 billion dollars. There are several one-time funded projects in the budget which may require further revenue in the upcoming years. There were also several additions to the School Aid budget including raising per pupil funding. The main two budget issues that are important to RPOA-M are the $50 million increase for the Michigan Housing and Community Development Program and the $2 million dollar increase for the State Land Bank Authority. The Michigan Housing and Community Development Program was created to generate more affordable housing and revitalize downtown areas. The majority of those new funds will be going to a grant program for pre-weatherization and home repairs.

Through the months of July and August the Legislature is scheduled for six days total of actual session and days for potential committee hearings. Historically, any days scheduled in the summer are very light on business. The majority of members will be spending time in their districts working directly with their constituency. They will be back with a regular session schedule after Labor Day. As a result, Lansing will be relatively quiet the next several weeks.


Source of Income

  • SB 205 (Sen. Cavanaugh - D); SB 206 (Sen. Bayer - D); SB 207 (Sen. Irwin - D)

  • Senate Housing and Human Services Committee Tuesday, May 16, 2023 (Testimony only)

  • The package of bills would require all government subsidized income be considered for any rental property. This would include housing assistance, public assistance, emergency rental assistance, public assistance, veterans benefits, social security and any other programs administered by federal, state or local government and nonprofit entities. If found to not allow these funds to be considered towards rent a landlord would be subject to damages up to 4.5 times the monthly rent. SB 207 would amendment the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include this language.

  • SB 205-207 was voted out of committee on Tuesday, June 13th. RPOAM along with coalition partners are continuing to work with Sen. Irwin on substitutes and amendments for Senate floor action. The bills are not expected to move until the fall.


  • HB 4273 (Rep. O’Neal – D)

  • House Regulatory Reform Committee

  • The bill would require if any rental premise is found to have a violation of ‘serious and imminent hazard’ the enforcing agency inform the owner and each occupant.

  • HB 4273 was passed off the Senate floor on June 8 and has been referred to the Senate Committee on Housing and Human Services.

Tenants Bill of Right

  • Spoke with Rep. Dievendort regarding her proposed legislation. The Representative has not shared any language with us at this time however has requested we supply a one page document on any concerns we have with the basic outline of the package. I requested that we be included in any workgroups going forward. They did tell us at the meeting they have compiled the 29 housing bills that have been introduced in the House and is planning on incorporating those ideas into the package.

  • We are continuing to wait for more information and language from the Representative. We will work with the Representative throughout the summer and into the fall.


  • HB 4532 (Rep. Hood – D)

  • Referred to the House Health Policy Committee

  • This bill was just introduced this past week. It revised the public health code dealing with lead abatement. There are specifics for buildings that are used specifically for children and the elderly. The fee schedule for fines has also been changes and allows for DHHS to raise fees along with Treasury every three years. Guidelines for dust testing and training for inspectors has been defined. The bill is in the beginning of the process.

  • Tabitha and I spoke with Jonathan from the Representative’s staff. We had several questions and concerns that we passed along. He said that they are continuing to work on the bill and would like to work with RPOAM. We have not received any new language and do not see this moving until the fall.


  • Proposed legislation by Rep. Carter – D

  • The bills have not been introduced and we are working with Rep. Carter.

Accessory Dwelling Unit

  • The bill would allow for a separate dwelling to be constructed on the owners property if the local municipality allows it but the HOA does not.

  • The bill has not been introduced.

Credit Score

  • HB 4818 (Rep. Carter – D)

  • The bill would disallow property owners from using a credit score for determining a prospective tenant’s eligibility for a lease.

Criminal Background Checks aka ‘Fair Chance’

  • HB 4878 (Rep. Aiyash – D)

  • The bill would prohibit property owners from using crime committed more than one year ago to as a reason to not lease a property to an individual. The expected crimes are arson; criminal sexual conduct; and kidnapping.



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