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Affordable Housing Passes Senate and House

The Michigan House passed Senate bills 362, 364, 422 and 432 that will provide local governments with tools to address the cost of developing affordable housing. “We’ve been hearing statewide about the shortage of affordable housing, and there is no legislation to address it,” said Rep. Julie Calley (R-Portland), who chairs the Local Government and Municipal Finance Committee. “The locals have been asking for additional tools in the toolbox.”

The bill would allow any municipality to establish a neighborhood enterprise zone. The bills as a package will expand the use of neighborhood enterprise zones for property tax abatements and enable municipalities to establish residential housing districts.

Housing Michigan, a coalition led by the Grand Rapids Chamber, Home Builders Association of Michigan, Michigan Municipal League and Housing North, celebrated the passing of the legislation on Thursday. The RPOA supported the bills throughout the process and is hopeful that the Acts will enable residential rental housing developers greater flexibility while attempting to provide for affordable housing units.

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